Your safety is very important. Help mininize potential damage to your tires by visiting CITY TYRES for your camplimentary tire check.



Under inflation is a tire’s #1 Enemy.
It results in unnecessary tire stress, irregular wear, loss of control and accidents.

A tire can lose up to half of its air pressure and not appear to be flat!


Measure it — and inspect it.
Advanced and unusual wear can reduce the ability of tread to grip the road in adverse conditions. Visually check your tires for uneven wear, looking for high and low areas or unusually smooth areas. Also check for signs of damage.

What you need to know about car tyres?

  • Car Tyres must be compatible with others on the car and generally in good physical condition.
  •  Car Tyres must be correctly inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure.
  • Uneven tread wear is a sign that you need to take your car in for servicing.
  •  Tread depth must be above the legal minimum which for passenger cars is 1.6mm throughout a continuous band in the centre 3/4 of the tread and around the entire circumference.

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  • Installation

Proper installation enables tires to function fully and correctly.

  • Getting a Flat Tire Changed

Protect your tires by getting them changed at a Tire & Service


  • Balancing

Routinely balance your tires to avoid uneven wear, vibration, and potentially unsafe driving conditions.


  • Rotation

To avoid uneven tread wear, it’s important to rotate your tires regularly.


  • Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment helps you maintain control of your car.